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About us

Airporttaxi is a Norwegian Company, but has the centers associated with all the major airports in the world. This is the International site for the Norwegian based company Flytaxi AS In Norway, the “AS” stands for “Aksjeselskap” and is the Norwegian term for a stock-based company.

Taxi drivers

If you are a taxi driver who wants trips on this bookingplattform, to or from your local airport, you can contact us Here

If you are a member of a taxi company, we will make it so that customers contact your taxi-company directly with a desire to drive with you if possible. This is how it is in the example you see on the link here.

If you are not affiliated with a taxi-company, costumers will contact you directly for pickup to or from the airport. If you are a member of Uber, Bolt or similar, it is not a problem. If you are alone and not member of a taxi company.

We are a company that helps you as a taxi-driver to get trips to or from the airport. We demand a high standard of service, safety in relation to car maintenance, speed limits must always be followed. Fixed price must always be as agreed including waiting time. Payment is made at the end of the trip.




  • Taxi/transport License
  • Well known in your area
  • Vehicle in accordance with regulations
  • You Can speak English
  • Price up front to the customers
  • Confirmation of the trip back to customer within 12 hours
  • Copy of driver License /passport/valid ID
  • E-mail account