Taxi Companies


Airporttaxi is the International site for the Norwegian based Company Flytaxi AS. In Norway, the “AS” stands for “Aksjeselskap” and is the Norwegian term for a stock-based company.

Taxi company’s

If you are a manager for a Taxi company and wants to secure your company the trips to or from your local airport. This is the booking platform you need. You can make sure that you get your local airport “alone” for your taxi business on this site, if you contact us before others. It will look like this.  If it already is drivers listed at your airport, this option is not available. Then you must choose some of your drivers to compete with the drivers that are already listed. The future taxi customers will choose taxi from the company’s that gives this option. The years that you drive with the first “taxi-guy” that you meet outside the airport is over. Its not what a customer wants. This site is the future for taxi companies that will give their clients this option.

Contact us here if you want to join with your company.