Ålesund Airport taxi

Vigra Airport

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Ålesund Vigra airport taxi

We want a taxi driver who is well known in the city and the destination we are going to. Maybe one we know from before. We want a fixed price up front and we expect high standards and safety on the trip.

That is why we choose booking on airporttaxi.as Quick and easy! This website is not fully operational until 01.07.2020. There are therefore many changes that will happen in the near future.


A license issued by the authorities with a requirement for everything relating to passenger transport. Insurance for its passengers. 

The distance between Ålesund Vigra Airport and some of the nearest towns/cities: Hessa 24 Minutes (Fv658), Molde 2 hours (E39), Brattvåg: 50 Minutes (Fv107, Fv659), Hareid: 1 hour and 20 minutes (Fv658, Fv61)


Services and solutions 


Special Assignments

Cars for any mission. If you have special needs like baby chair or wheelchair, please let us know in the message-section.

Ålesund Vigra Airport Taxi

To and from Ålesund airport. Pickup at home. Airport taxi has become a well-known concept in relation to taxi transport to or from Norwegian airports. If desired, you will get the price in advance.

Maxi Taxi Ålesund

If you are several (6+) who want to travel together. Almost all the exchanges have a maxi taxi to Ålesund airport available. Check in the booking form of the individual exchange if they have this service.