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To all of you who have found us already!

You found this website a little too early compared to official opening. is not officially open until 01.07.2020. The website is operational with links and some information, but much will change in the nearest future.

The good thing is that you found us already. That means we are well visible online long before we advertise on social media and nation media.

We offers airport taxi all over Norway!

Airport Taxi Norway has the centers associated with all the major airports in Norway. It offers fixed prices to or from the airport.  

We have one sub-page of the largest airports in Norway directly linked to the main page. Example: At, it is the local taxi centers that profile themselves and not the individual licensee.

When booking airport taxi

It is quick and easy to book a taxi on our website. Use the order form and fill in the necessary details. If it is important for you to drive with a specific taxi, please submit the booking as early as possible to get the desired fulfillment.

Remember that the drivers does not work 24 hours a day. Of course, when it comes to license holders who are alone in their car, you will drive with this. Ordering on does not give a driver guarantee, but you greatly increase the chance of having your wishes fulfilled.

VIP Transport

We provide VIP Transport inclusive Limousines from or to all major Norwegian airports. Click into your chosen airport and choose from our partners in the VIP and Limousin market.