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We offer Airport Taxi in every country throughout Europe 24/7. Plan your trip by booking a local airport taxi with us, so that your taxi is waiting for you when you get off the plane. Safe and easy!

On our website, it should be clear and easy to find your ideal taxi. Therefore, use the options at the top of the page to make it as easy as possible to find your chosen taxi wherever you need it.



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Airport Taxi


Torp Sandefjord Airport


Airport Taxi


Torp Sandefjord Airport


Airport Taxi

About us

Airporttaxi AS is a Norwegian Company, but has the centers associated with all the major airports in Europe. It offers fixed prices to or from the airport. To book a taxi, you must click on your chosen country, then city and airport.

This is the International site for the Norwegian based company Flytaxi AS ( In Norway, the “AS” stands for “Aksjeselskap” and is the Norwegian term for a stock-based company.



The recommended taxi companies on this site provide a safe trip

Do not put yourself in the situation that you have to trust the first “taxiguy” that grab you, when you are coming out from the terminal. There are taxi- scammers at many airports. Do yourself a favor. Book a taxi in advance of the trip

The taxi driver will wait for you with your name written on a sign, so you can see your driver as soon you are coming through the exit terminal.

-Use a well-known taxi company for your trip. Be safe!



When booking taxi

It is quick and easy to book a taxi on our website. Use the order form and fill in the necessary details. If it is important for you to drive with a specific taxi, please submit the booking as early as possible to get your wish fulfilled.

Remember that the drivers does not work 24 hours a day. Of course, when it comes to license holders who are alone in their car, you will drive with this. Ordering on does not give a driver guarantee, but you greatly increase the chance of having your wishes fulfilled.